Confirm A Booking

If a booking status is currently set to ‘pencil date’ then you will need to confirm the booking to ensure Titan  ‘supply / provide’ the equipment or ‘technical support’ shown on any quotations assigned to that particular booking.

Step 1:

Login into your account and select the booking you wish to confirm, please see the help pages ‘view a booking’ to find how to navigate to the ‘details’ for a particular booking.

 Step 2:

1.1 One you have navigated to the booking you wish to confirm click the green ‘confirm’ button. Example below.



Titan will then be notified of the confirmation and the booking status will change from ‘pencil date’ to ‘confirmed’ example below.

Also, once a booking has been confirmed you will be able to add / upload a ‘PO Number’, this is useful when there are many bookings each having there own individual PO number.



Your booking has now been confirmed!

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