Add A Booking

 As a failsafe feature you cannot use our online system to amend or create a booking within 48hrs of any date. You can of course still make amendments and change bookings. However, this has to be done by speaking directly with us and confirmed by an email. 
The reason is that equipment booked is checked and prepped ready for your event prior to being loaded onto our van. This failsafe means that we have been made aware of any last minute additions and will not be missed from being loaded for your event. 
When making a booking please try to complete as much information as you can as this will help us creating an accurate quotation. It will also alleviate us having to ask you lots of questions.
Step 1:

To add a new booking to the system login and select ‘create a new booking’.


Step 2:

Then select either pencil date….


2.1 or confirmed.



Step 3:

Enter the name of the event along with a unique reference number if you have one.



3.1 Enter the start/finish dates along with times, you can manually enter the date and times or click the calendar/clock icon to select. Please enter the earliest start time/date and the latest finish time/date.



3.2 Enter a brief description of the event, any initial information that helps us provide an accurate quotation is really useful.



3.3 If you are happy to tell us who your end client is please select ‘end client details’ and fill out the required fields. This can be useful when we are asked to contact your end client directly regarding any technical requirements. (this is optional, you do NOT have to fill out ‘end client details’)



3.4 Once you are happy with all the information you have entered click ‘create’.


Once you have clicked ‘create’ you will see the screen below in step 4.

Step 4:



4.1 Select a venue, if you only have one venue then this will be automatically selected. Once you have selected a venue click ‘create’ or…..



4.2 If the venue you require is not in the list then you can ‘add a venue’ by clicking the green/white ‘plus’ icon. If your venue is in the list you can jump straight to point 4.4 once you have selected the venue you require.



4.3 Then fill out the venue information and click create, you do NOT need to fill out every text field, the main fields are ‘Venue’, ‘Telephone’ and all ‘Address’ fields. Please re enter the ‘venue name’ in the first ‘Address’ field followed by the full address.



4.4 You will then see a screen like the one below.


Step 5:

Select a ‘location’ or…..


5.1 If the location you require is not in the list then you can ‘add a location’ by clicking the orange/white ‘plus’ icon. (same process as adding an additional venue apart from ‘only one text field’ to fill out)


5.2 Enter the ‘use of the room’, most events will be ‘main room’, larger events may have ‘breakout 1 of 3’ or ‘pre drinks’ etc. Also, enter the number of delegates, this can be updated at any point and helps us determine the correct PA system size or number of voting pads required etc.


5.3 Select the room layout. This helps us spec the correct equipment for the event as well as seeing a clearer picture of the whole event.


5.4 Enter the set up and de rig dates and times. The start/finish dates and times will already be set from the ‘blue event section’, if multiple locations are being used please set the start/finish time for each location, the main ‘blue section start / finish times’ give us a global idea of the ‘earliest location start time and the latest location finish time’ as an overview.

If multiple locations are being used please change the start/finish dates and times if they are only being used for a specific day on multiple day events. If all locations are being used on the same dates/times then these can be left as they were set in the ‘blue events section’.


5.5 If you know what equipment (including technical support) you require you can search and select from the drop down list, once an item has been found click the item name and then click the ‘Add item’ button to add this to the location, if you require multiple items click the ‘Add item’ button until you reach the quantity you require.

We will add the main items you regularly have from us, if you can not find an item then just add this item to the ‘additional equipment area’.

If you do not know what equipment you require or find it easier to type out your requirements please see 5.6 below.


5.6 You can manually type your equipment requirements in the text box shown in the screen below. You can also use this area to request other technical requirements like ‘audio recordings’. The more information we have the better!


5.7 Once you are happy click ‘save’.


5.8 Once you have clicked ‘save’ you will see a screen similar to the one below.



You have successfully created a new booking!!

We will work on a quotation and be in touch via email/phone if we have any questions. You will receive an email once a quotation has been added to the booking, to view a quotation please see ‘view a booking’ and scroll down to ‘quotations’.

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